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When Organizing Isn't Enough
SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck[AUDIOBOOK] [CD] (Audio CD)

Organizing works when you know where youíre going but donít know how to get there. But sometimes organizing isnít enough. When youíre eager to make a change in your life, but youíre unsure of your new destination, you need to SHED.

But itís not just about throwing things away! The SHED process is more about what comes before and after you heave the clutter, so that changes you make really stick in the long term.

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Also available in hardcover


Learn how to:

• Separate the treasures - What is truly worth hanging on to?

• Heave the trash - Whatís weighing you down?

• Embrace your - Who are you without your stuff?

• Drive Yourself Forward - Which direction connects to your genuine self?

Whether youíre facing a move, promotion, an empty nest, a marriage, divorce or retirement, SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life:  A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck provides a practical transformative plan for positively managing change in every aspect of your life.